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Office Refurbishment why it makes sense opposed to Office Relocation

Decision Time, Office Refurbishment or Office Relocation ?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Whether to relocate or stay put and undertake an office refurbishment is often a dilemma when premises are looking tired and near the end of lease. Consider the following:

Does your landlord want to keep you as a tenant? If so, there may be some lease renewal incentives and the potential for good negotiation.
Could an office re-design give you better space optimisation? An office relocation makes it tempting to keep doing the same thing in another place, without really thinking about the opportunities that an office refurbishment presents. Staff typically regard a refurbishment as a positive investment in the future of the company, while a relocation is just an upheaval in their life. An office refurbishment will generally cost less than office relocation, giving you a greater return on investment.

Just How Will Refurbishing Your Existing Office Benefit You?

Why Refurbish My Office?

MSI is at the cutting edge of the latest office industry developments and research recommendations. An office refurbishment by MSI will reinvigorate your staff and your business through:

  • Better space optimisation
  • Maximum return on investment
  • More productive and modern work spaces
  • Flexible floor plans that can be adapted as your headcount changes.

Were also able to offer Lease finance options for your Office refurbishment which can work out cheaper than paying actual cash as well as spreading cash flow over the duration of the lease term. See our project finance page for further details or call us for further details.

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Office Refurbishment Can Be A “game Changer” Option

More Information

An Office Refurbishment gives you all the benefit of that new office without the actual hassle of relocation.

It also saves you from all those associated costs with relocating a business. We aim to discover and unlock unused office space, and by our creative space planning make way for additional desking or meeting rooms.

In a lot of instances this has made it a game changer for our clients as instead of relocating because of their expansion plans they have just opted to renew their lease, as we have given them the extra space they didn’t think they had.

What We Offer

Why choose us as your preferred office refurbishment specialist ?

We are specialists with client in-situ office refurbishment.
We go to great lengths to ensure works are undertaken and managed in a way that is both cost effective as well as having minimal impact on your business and operations.

We will take care of everything from Office partitioning & alterations, replacement flooring, Decoration, Mechanical & Electrical requirements including Air conditioning AV & all IT.

We can also help select order and install your new office furniture to complete the new look.

Now having opened another office in Devon were ideally placed to carry out projects in Taunton , Exeter, Plymouth in fact across the whole of Devon and Cornwall as well as London where we started as a Company in 2004.

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